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Here at Givans Taekwondo Academy, we provide quality Taekwondo training and instruction to all students. Our focus is on Discipline, Courtesy, and Respect. Taekwondo will help develop your children by mentoring and showing them the true meaning of Taekwondo. Givans Taekwondo will help you physically and mentally.

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Edward E. Givans is the author of “Infantry Born to Fight”. Born in Oakland, CA, he joined the U.S. Army in Dec. 1982 as an Infantryman. Master Givans retired from the U.S. Army in Feb. 2004 with the rank of Sergeant First Class. He’s the founder of Givans Taekwondo in Las Vegas, Nevada, teaching life skills to over 200 youngsters. He’s committed to motivating and mentoring children to become productive members of their community. Master Givans is a former U.S. Army Ranger, Army Fitness Instructor, USA Taekwondo Regional Director – Nevada – California – Utah – Arizona. USA Taekwondo Tournament committee. USA Taekwondo level 2 coach.

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