At Givans Taekwondo Academy, each program will reward and be challenging for all students. They will learn all that traditional Taekwondo, Olympic Sport Taekwondo offers, and more. They will also learn the tenets of Taekwondo and the value of hard work. Taekwondo students often have higher mental focus, self-esteem, strong friendships, and discipline. All of this leads to successes outside of the sport and tradition of Taekwondo that carries on throughout their lifetime. Along with this program, benefits come a certain level of responsibility and commitment.

Little Olympian Program 4-6 years

This class is to help develop their minds, agility, movement, learning ability, and physical conditioning. This class will teach a structured curriculum for kids 4-6 years of age. Kicking and punching skills will develop with age and are not an expectation at this level.

Traditional Taekwondo Program

These classes will teach a structured curriculum that will comprise cardiovascular exercise, conditioning drills, basic to advanced punching and kicking, traditional forms, and basic sparring. I promote students on a belt system according to the curriculum for each belt level. We will base the test on their age and physical ability.

Olympic Sport Taekwondo Program

We have one of the best Olympic Sport Taekwondo programs in the nation. We design the program to develop athletes at all levels that wish to pursue their Olympic Sport Taekwondo dreams. Additional fees will apply for Team Training other than the traditional classes. All team members selected for team training must commit to Team Training.